Entries for 2007

Honoring Karen Reidsma
Honoring Martha Glynn
Youth Commission:  Lisa Mikasa, Rosalyn Hayes, Viviana Arcia and Annescia Dilllard  
Recognize “Black History/Cultural Diversity Month” in Ingham County 
Approve Selection Criteria for Ranking Landowner Applications Authorize Board to Proceed with 2007 Application Cycle    
Set Policy for Certain Delinquent Tax Payments  
Authorize Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant
Approve Funding Request
Michigan Primary Care Association:  Child/Adolescent Health Center  
March of Dimes:  Baby Yourself Smoking Cessation for Pregnant Women
Authorize Budget Amendment for 2006/07 Budget  
Change Classification of Court Recorder Position: General Trial Division     
Reorganize Staffing   
Career Quest:  Staff Consultant Services, Community Corrections  
Total Health Education:  Day Reporting Program, Community Corrections 
Health Management Associates:  Amend Contract for Review of Jail Medical Expenses  
Community Health Center Board:  Anne Smiley, Lonnie Johnson and Patricia Farrell  
Comerica:  Extension of Procurement Card Program
Increase Fees Charged for Marriage Ceremonies Officiated by the County Clerk  
Tyler Technologies: Upgrade E-recording Software in Clerk’s Office    
Sheridan Land Surveying: Extension of Technical Assistance to Agricultural Preservation Board
Michigan 4C Association:  Child Care Training 
U of M Regents:  Provision of Dental Services  
Michigan Department of Human Services:  Support for Jumpstart Early Advantage Program
Michigan Department of Community Health:  Amend Moving Our Community Toward Health
Ingham County Health Officer:  Dean Sienko, M.D., M.S.  
Honoring Kenneth James-Albert Windsand
Honoring Nervy Oliver
Honoring Gary Raymond Scott, Jr
Honoring Sheriff’s Office/Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for Work on Ricky Holland Case
Canteen Services:  Extend Inmate Commissary Contract for One Year  
Continue Solution Area Planner Position  
Ingham County Controller/Administrator:  Matthew J. Myers
Human Resources to Contract with TCOA to Provide Human Resources Services
Clarify Responsibilities of Fair Board and Fair Manager 
Capital Area United Way Central Michigan 2-1-1 Project 
Department of Community Health: Amend 06-07 CPBC Agreement 
Authorize Reorganization in Bureau of Health Plan Management    
Honoring Matthew Bierwagen  
Honoring Donald Reisig
Request to Function as a Task Force to Help Facilitate Continuum of Care Facility 
Cristo Rey: Authorize Continued Use of County CCAB Grant Equipment
Community Mental Health Authority: Patrick St. George and Lisa Dedden-Cooper
Honoring Reverend Dr. Michael C. Murphy
Transfer Property Acquired for Trail Development to the City of Lansing  
Declare March 31, 2007 as “Cesar E. Chavez Day”
Purchase New Modular Work Stations and Re-Design Mason Office 
William E. Walter, Inc: Install Heating and Cooling Valves at Courthouse 
Amend Union Contracts to Add Same Vision Plan as Managerial/Confidential Employees  
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