Entries for 2003

Recognize "Black History/Cultural Diversity Month"
Fred Featherly to Environmental Affairs Committee
Jessica Fred, Erica Robinson to Equal Opportunity Committee
Accept MSHDA Community Development Block Grant
Adopt Adjustment to Seasonal Employee’s Wage Schedule
Meridian Charter Township: Maintain Watershed Management Plan for Lake Lansing
 Economics Consulting Services, LLC: Extend Economic Development Services
Eliminate Per Diems for Board Members
City of Lansing: Amend Retention Program
Execute Interlocal Agreement with Michigan EDC
Grant Funded Project Specialist/Community Development Position
Lonnie Johnson, Patricia Farrell, Lisa Dedden, Christopher Rollins to
Community Health Center Board
Combine Clinic Assistant/Tech Positions
Ionia County: Medical Direction and Support
Ingham Health Plan: Amend Medical Services and Administrative Services Agreements
Recognize Deferred Revenue and Authorize Renovation to CSHCS Space
Authorize Six "Equip" Grants with Michigan 4C Association
Pat Curran to Jury Board
Authorize Amendments to Family Division 2002/03 Child Care Fund Budget
Collect $10.00 Fee for Accepting Bonds Pursuant to HB 5047
Honoring Alexander King Cox
Honoring Patrick Dehn Butcher
Authorize Purchase of Air Conditioning Unit
Comerica: Procurement Card Program
Set Policy for Certain Delinquent Tax Payments
2003 Borrowing Resolution and Resolution Authorizing 2003 Administrative Fund
Request Development of Short Term Strategies to Reduce 2003 Budget
Theresa Hubbell to Ingham Regional Medical Center Board
Angela Bouler and Kathie Ann Kuhn to Women’s Commission
Adopt Updated Plan of Organization
Authorize Transfer of Funds to Mediation Fund 2003
Approve Reorganization
Accept 2003 Correctional Academy Grant
Accept 2003 Regional Pursuit Driving Grant
Accept 2003 Local Corrections Trainer Update Grant
Honoring Forest View Fifth Grade Classes for Completing DARE Program
Ayanna Scates to Equal Opportunity Committee
Honoring Lonnie Johnson
Authorize Continuation of Health and Dental Insurance Premiums for Certain Reservists
Provide On-Call Bonus Payments to Physicians
Authorize Board to Continue Contract for Staff Consultant Services
Amend Prisoner Housing Reimbursement Policy
Authorize Appointment of General Public Member to Advisory Board
Declare April 6 -12 as "National County Government Week"
Declare March 31, 2003 as "Cesar E. Chavez Day"
William Matt to Parks Board
Ameritech/SBC: Provide Local Dial Tone Service
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