Entries for 2008

Honoring Adam Joseph Rice   
Authorize Treasurer to Purchase HUD Foreclosed Property  for deposit into Fast Track Authority Inventory  
Provide Additional Funding for Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention
Approve Selection Criteria for Ranking Landowner Applications and Authorize Agricultural Preservation Board to Proceed with 2008 Purchase of Development Rights 
Set Public Hearing on Adoption of Amendment to the Plan “Redevelopment of Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority Parcels” 
Set Public Hearing on Adoption of Amendment to the Plan  “Shaw’s on Newton LLC and Ingham County Fast Track Land Bank Authority”
Authorize Fund Transfer to Potter Park Zoological Society 
Establish a “No Smoking Policy” within Potter Park Zoo 
Terminate Domestic Partner Coverage  
Board of Health:  Donald Wasserman (expires 12/31/2010) George Rowan (expires 12/31/2010)    
Authorize 2007-2008 Moving Our Community Toward Health Grant 
Authorize a 2007-2008 Agreement with City of Lansing   
MI Dept. of Community Health:  Amendment #1 to 2007-2008 CPBC Agreement
Release Funds for Siren Education Project for use  by City of Lansing   
Honoring Nolan Singleton
Honoring Pamela Heverly  
Adopt Monthly 911 Surcharge 
Recognize “Black History/Cultural Diversity Month” in Ingham County
Reorganize Central Services
Charter Township of Meridian :  Maintain Watershed Management Plan for Lake Lansing    
Approve Revised Brownfield Plan for Redevelopment of Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority Properties  
Approve Amendment to Plan for “Shaw’s on Newton LLC”    
Community Health Center Board: Bridgette Jones (expires 12/31/09)
Honoring Linda Diepenhorst
Honoring Geraldine Washington
Honoring Jacquelyne Ann Baumchen
Honoring Judy Williams
Authorize Service Contracts with Licensed Dentists 
DHS: Compassion Capital Demonstration Project
Accept Ryan White Part B Grant from MDCH to Expand HIV Care Services
Establish Two Part-time, Temporary Recycling Workers in Partnership with Mason High School and Youth Development Programs  
Agreement  for a Policy for the Operation of Computer Network, Internet Access and E-mail 
M/A-Com, Inc.:  Amendment for Simulcast Site Enhancement 
Women’s Commission:  Joann Dowker (expires 12/31/09) 
Congratulating Bethel Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Opposing any Legislation to make Michigan a “Right-to-Work” State
Declaring March 31, 2008 as “Cesar E. Chavez Day” 
Designating March, 2008 as “Certified Government Financial Manager Month”
Supporting a United States Cool Counties Climate Stabilization Goal   
Authorize Offering Other Qualified Adult Benefits to Managerial/Confidential Employees
Authorize Expenditures for an Outdoor Interactive Avian Exhibit
Authorize Application to MI DNR to Develop a Fishing  Dock at Burchfield Park Pond
Pavement Management Services: Consult on Pavement Installation  
South Lansing Community Development Association: Urban Redevelopment 
Honoring Karen Benson
PTD Technology: Amend Contract
Ingham Health Plan Corporation: Outreach and Enrollment Services
Honoring Gerard Mauze
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