Amend Prisoner Housing Reimbursement Policy
Adopt Policy on Posting Board of Commissioners Minutes in Newspapers and County Website
Amend Resolution #02-283 (Vendors to Conform with EOE Policy)
Limit the Sale of Live Animals
Adopt Policy to Require Payment of a Living Wage
Amend Resolution #02-283 (Vendors to Conform with EOE Policy)
Grant Waiver of Requirements of Living Wage Policy
Amend Living Wage Policy
Supporting Equal Opportunity in the Workplace 

  Amend Purchasing Policies to Include Provision for Local Purchasing Preference                      

Revise Policy on Tax Sharing Agreements (Rescinds 95-174)
Modify Hiring Process Under EOE Plan
Establishing Park Rules and Regulations  (Modification)  
Change Purchasing Policies and Procedures   
Waive Policy with Respect to Adoptions for a Unique Incident
Modifications to the EOE Plan 
Amend Chapter IV of the Sanitary Code, Food Service Sanitation
Public Safety Radio System Cost Participation Policy
Establish a “No Smoking Policy” within Potter Park Zoo 
Property and Prohibit Solicitations on County Property
Establish Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy  
Amend Regulation Requiring License for Sale of Tobacco (Increase Monetary Penalty) 
Employment of Relatives Policy
Amend County Cell Phone Usage and Reimbursement Policy  
Amend Regulation Eliminating Smoking in Public and Private Worksites (Add New Requirements for Protecting Air Quality in Non-Smoking Areas)
Revised Travel, Vehicle and Employee Reimbursement Policy
Amend Resolution #02-178 by Reducing the Maximum Amount Allowed for Short Form Authorization
Use of Electronic Devices, Computers and Open Flames in County Facilities
Approve Implementation of a Supplemental Internal Job Posting Process  
Amending the Living Wage Policy Resolution #03-248    
Pets in the Workplace 
Revising the Existing Travel, Vehicle and Employees Reimbursement Policy
Adopt a Policy on Cost Increases for Services Related Contracts in Ingham County
Amending the Ingham County Local Purchasing Preference Policy
Establishing a Policy Regarding Litigation Between Ingham County Entities 
Establishing Policy and Priorities for the Use of Farmland and Open Space Preservation Funds and to Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Ingham County Farmland Purchase of Development Rights Ordinance
Amend Resolution #05-295 which Delegates Certain Authority to the Ingham County Parks And Recreation Commission 
Rescind Resolution #08-061 and Re-Establish a Policy and Guidelines for use of County Facilities And Solicitation on County Property 
Adopt a Financial Depository Resolution for the County of Ingham
To Amend the Ingham County Public Safety Radio System Cost Participation Policy
Amending Board of Commissioners Resolution #02-285 limiting the Parks Low Income Vehicle Entrance Fee Policy to Ingham County and City of Lansing residents only
Resolution to Update and Affirm Compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 to Include the Administrative Requirements Under Title II of the ADA

Resolution Amending The Ingham County Purchasing Policy

Resolution To Authorize Budget Adjustments For 2013 Based On The Annual Evaluation Of The County’s Financial Reserve Policy

Resolution To Adopt A Revised Equal Opportunity Employment Plan

Resolution To Extend A Policy On Cost Increases For Service Related Contracts In Ingham County

Resolution To Adopt An Equal Employment Opportunity Policy


Resolution To Adopt A Policy Against Harassment In The Workplace

Resolution To Adopt A Safe Workplace Policy

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