Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

To Approve the Expanded County Wide Booking System Project Budget and to Authorize Contracts

To Authorize an Amendment of the Current Contract with Securus Technologies to Install a Managed   Inmate Video Visitation System

Adopting the Ingham County 911 Service Plan

To Allow the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Enter into an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Lansing and City of East Lansing for the 2012 Local Jag Grant

Honoring LT. Mike Debruin for his Twenty-Two dedicated years of service to the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office 

To Authorize Entering into a Contract with House Arrest Services, Inc.

To authorize a Juvenile Accountability Grant from the Capital Region Community Foundation and Subcontract with the Resolution Services Corporation of Central Michigan  

To Enter into a Contract with Westshore Services for Outdoor Warning Sirens Utilizing the FY 2012        Homeland Security Grant Program Funds 

Authorizing a Battery Replacement Project for the Public Safety Wireless Voice Communication System

To Accept Grant Funds from the State of Michigan Emergency Management Performance Grant  (EMPG) for FY 2012    
Reorganize Animal Control Positions and Waive the Hiring Freeze and Provide Backfill                           

Approve Entering into a 12-month agreement with ACD.NET for the Purchase of a Backup Network Circuit for the 911 Phone System

To Authorize a Contract with Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc. for Medication Passing Services at the Ingham County Jail

Authorizing a Contract with State of Michigan, Department of Community Health, Crime Victim  Services Commission for Crime Victim Rights Funding
Authorizing a Cntract with State of Michigan, Department of Community Health, Crime Victim  Services Commission for Continuation of its Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) program
Authorize the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Extend a contract with Michigan Department of Corrections to Rent 190 Beds to the Michigan Department of Corrections
To Authorize the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan Department of Corrections to Enter into a Rental Agreement for the 64 Beds within the Ingham County Jail
Authorizing the Lansing/Ingham Cert Program to Accept Donations from Organizations, Groups and Individuals to Support Emergency Preparedness and Response
To Purchase (2) In-Car Video units from L-# Mobile Vision, Inc. Using Homeland Security Grant  Program Funds

Honor Sergeant Steven Martin of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

Authorizing the L3 Communications Annual 2012-2013 Maintenance Contract for the Ingham County  Sheriff’s Office Digital in car Camera System

Authorizing the Filing of the Notice of Intent to Function as a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) In Accordance with the Ingham County 911 Service Plan  


Authorizing Entering Into A Contract With The City of Lansing For An Allocation of Funds To Ingham County/City Of Lansing Community Corrections For The City 2012-2013 Fiscal Year               
The Sale Of A Used Surplus Multimedia Projector To Triad 
To Approve The 911 Legacy Cost Partial Reimbursement Agreements Between Ingham County,  Meridian Township And Michigan State University
Requests Permission for the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Accept the FY 2012 SCAAP Grant
To Authorize Three Year Contracts for Westlaw Electronic Law Library Access for Various Ingham County Departments, Offices and Courts

To Amend the 2013 Ingham County Budget by Continuing a Detective Position at the Sheriff’s Office

To Amend the 2013 Ingham County Budget by Reinstating the Budget for the Jail/Medical Unit so As to Reflect a County Run Operation
Approving Various Contracts for the 2013 Budget Year
To Establish Special Part Time on Call 911 Central Dispatch Center Background Investigators Positions

To Honor Sergeant Robert Ott as the 2012 Michigan Emergency Management Association Emergency Manager Coordinator of the Year Award

To Accept the 2012 Risk Avoidance Grant (RAP) from the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA)                

Authorizing a Notice of Intent for the Ingham County 911 Central Dispatch Center to Serve as  Primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) within the areas in the Clinton County 911  Service District Covered by Act 425 Agreements by Local Units of Government

Resolution to Authorize the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Utilize the Michigan Sheriff’s Association Website to Offer for Sale to Other Michigan Sheriff’s Offices,Surplus Equipment

Architectural and Engineering Services for the Replacement of the Cooling Tower at the Ingham County Jail

Resolution To Authorize A Lease Extension Agreement For The Friend Of The Court Safe Haven Grant Program

Resolution Authorizing The Selection Of And Entering Into A Contract  With Sentinel Offender Services To Provide An Offender And County Funded Electronic Monitoring Program Subject To A Final Contract Agreement

Resolution To Extend The Canteen Services, Inc. Inmate Commissary Contract For Two Years


Resolution Honoring Deputy Kelley Bowden

Resolution For The Renewal Of The 9-1-1 Telephone Support Agreement With Carousel Industries Inc.
Resolution To Accept The FY 2023 Swift And Sure Sanctions Probation Program Grant, Continue The Grant Funded Three-Quarter Time SSSPP Case Management Coordinator Position And Authorize Subcontracts
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