Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners
Resolution Authorizing the Establishment of a MERS Hybrid Plan for Newly Hired Employees Under the Teamsters Local 580 - Potter Park Zoo Supervisory Unit

Resolution Recognizing April 8, 2013 As The 175th Anniversary of The Organization of The County Of Ingham

Resolution In Honor of The 2013 State Arbor Day Celebration
Resolution Honoring Stephen Check
Resolution Honoring Dakota Van Erp

Resolution Honoring Albert Schulien For His Service To The Ingham County Historical Commission

Resolution Amending The Ingham County Board Rules

Resolution Establishing Priorities To Guide The Development Of The 2014 Budget And Activities Of County Staff

Resolution Designating The Month Of April 2013 As Sexual Assault Awareness Month In Ingham County

Resolution Honoring John Cogswell On The Event Of His Retirement

Resolution Rescinding Resolution #02-012 And Revising Certain Policies Pertaining To Appointed Advisory Boards And Commissions  (Rescinded)

Resolution Appointing The Ingham County Controller/Administrator

Resolution Appointing An Interim Controller/Administrator

Resolution Approving Criteria For Ranking 2014 Applications For Community Agency Funding

Resolution Honoring Mary Lannoye on the Event of Her Retirement

Resolution Approving Tri-County Office On Aging’s 2014-2016 Multi-Year Plan

Resolution Honoring Chuck Steinberg For His Service To The Ingham Health Plan Corporation

Resolution Supporting Ingham County Veterans
Resolution Calling For The Legislature To Support Marriage Equality In Michigan

Resolution Recognizing The 175th Anniversary Of  The Organization Of Vevay Township

Resolution Transferring The Board Of Commissioners Authority To Supervise And Remove Certain Positions To The Controller/Administrator


Resolution Honoring Delhi Township Fire Chief Richard Royston On The Event Of His Retirement

Resolution Honoring Lansing For Cesar E. Chavez

Resolution Congratulating The Holt Jr. Rams U14 Class A Mason Pony League Champions


Resolution To Adopt An Ordinance Amending The Ingham County Animal Control Ordinance To Transfer The Supervisory Authority Over  The Animal Control Director To The County Controller/Administrator

Resolution To Authorize The Transfer Of The Recording Secretary Position From The Board Of Commissioners’ Office To The County Clerk’s Office

Resolution Authorizing 2014 Agreements For Juvenile Justice Community Agencies


Resolution Honoring The Williams Chapel Original Church Of God On The Event Of Their Anniversary

Resolution To Authorize Participation In U.S. Geological Survey Enhanced Flood Warning System

Resolution Recognizing The Week Of November 4 - 8, 2013 As “College Application Week” In Ingham County

Resolution To Approve A One-Time Lump Sum Wage Supplement To Certain Employees Of Ingham County

Resolution Authorizing 2014 Agreements For Community Agencies

Resolution Congratulating Ella Cowan On The Event  Of  Her 100th Birthday

Resolution To Accept A State Of Michigan Court Of Appeals Letter Agreement To Provide Court Of Claims Transition Cost Reimbursement To The Thirtieth Circuit Court

Resolution Honoring Dorothy Kennedy

Resolution Honoring Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Resolution Approving A Collective Bargaining Agreement With The Michigan Nurses Association – Nurse Practitioners/Clinic Nurses

Resolution Authorizing The Establishment Of A MERS Hybrid Plan For Newly Hired Employees In Michigan Nurses Association – Nurse Practitioner/Clinic Nurses Unit

Resolution Approving The Starting Salary For A Physician Assistant At MCF 12 Step 4

Resolution Authorizing The Purchase Of 2316 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, Michigan For The Purpose Of Housing A Community Health Center Facility

Resolution Pledging Full Faith and Credit to Green Drain Drainage District 2014 Bonds 

Resolution Authorizing the Board Chairperson and Controller/Administrator to Appoint an Interim Health Officer 

Resolution Honoring Elizabeth “Suzie” Chamberlain-Cantwell

Resolution Honoring Graham Filler

Resolution Honoring Laurie Rhodes-Griffith

Resolution Honoring Lauryn Holmes

Resolution Honoring Tabitha Sjoberg

Resolution Awarding Kristy Medes With The 2013 Ingham County Women’s Commission Lucile E. Belen Award

Resolution Appointing Nancy Hayward As Acting Health Officer

Resolution To Appoint An Interim Animal Control Director
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