Amending Lease with CACS for Additional Space at County Annex.                                         
Amend Adoption Fees and Adjust 2005 Budget                                                                  
ProTemps Inc for Staff Consultant Services for Community Corrections Advisory Board              

Contract for the Purchase of Digital Aerial Maps in Coordination with Other Jurisdictions.           

Subcontract:  Tom Foley Associates, Youth Prevention Coalition.                                         
Authorized to Accept Equipment for Heavy Rescue                                                                   
2004 State Homeland Security Grant/Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program.              
Authorized Subcontract with Home of New Vision for Women’s Probation Residential Services    
Accept Optical Scan Voting System and Related Election Management Software                      
Transfer Funds from ADA Playground Construction to Boardwalk Construction Line Item      
Establish Budget Calendar for 2006                                                                                       
Approve Tax Sharing Agreement with the City of Mason                                                       
Supporting Continued Funding of CDBG Program                                                               
Approve MNA NP/CN CBA                                                                                                   
Contract with BFI for Dumpster Service                                                                               
Between CMH and Lansing School District Through Helping Kids Achieve Program                
CMH: Approve Amendment to Lease Terms                                                                         
Authorize Lease Agreement for 5656 S. Cedar, Lansing.                                                    
Implement Changes in the Dental Clinics                                                                               
Authorize Amendment #4 to American Legacy Foundation Grant                                           
MDPH: Amendment #2 to the 2004-2005 CPBC Agreement                                              
Dyer Well Drilling:  Irrigation Well at Hawk Island County Park                                               
Establish Parks and Recreation Commission (Rescinds 97-44, 97-103, 97-106, 97-152)         
Authorize 2005 Administrative Fund.                                                                                       
Amend CPBC Agreement with MDCH/Accept Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Grant        

Authorize Transfer of Funds and Contract for Accounting                                                      

Authorize Contract Change Order #5 for Wireless Voice Communication System                     
Authorize Contract Amendments with Lansing and East Lansing 911 Center                           

Conditionally Approve Lansing/East Lansing Smart Zone                                                     

4D Pharmacy Management Systems:  Administer Pharmacy Benefits                                   
Adopt 2005 County Equalization Report                                                                                 
Create ¾ Time Health Plan Assistant Position                                                                       
Authorize Controller to Advertise for and Seek Proposals for Needs Study for 
Juvenile Treatment Center  
Authorize Appropriation for Site Preparation Work for Radio Communication System              
Adopt Interlocal Agreement for Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad                                 
Authorize Participation in MI Emergency Management Assistance Compact                         

Rescind/Cancel Resolution #02-101, Purchase of Generic Service Credit for David B. Roe       

Establish Pediatric Health Center at 901 E. Mt. Hope                                                                 
Authorize 2005 Agreement for ALFA Adult Day Services                                                         

Adopt Bylaws                                                                                                                        

Urge CRAA to Act Favorably on Clinton County Proposal Re: Ex-officio Membership             

Authorize Amendment to 2005 CIP Budget.                                                                        
Amend Contract with Tyler Technologies to Enhance  Document Recording System                 
Christopher John Mida, Inc and Michigan Mortgage Services, Inc:  Title Search Service       
Authorize Temporary Foreclosure Prevention Assistant                             
Authorize Agreement with Care Free Medical, Inc                               
Authorize Agreement to Carry Out Mobile Home Park Inspection Program   
Authorize Collaborative Agreement with Capital Area United Way              
Support Establishment of Volunteer Motorcycle Unit                                  
Implement Patrol Vehicle Electronic Citation System                                                       
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