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Resolution To Extend The Temporary Assignment And Salary For The Interim Chief Executive Officer, Community Health Centers And The Amendment Of The Related Agreement

Resolution To Accept A State Of Michigan Court Of Appeals Letter Agreement To Provide Court Of Claims Transition Cost Reimbursement To The Thirtieth Circuit Court

Resolution To Amend The 2013 Apportionment Report

Resolution Approving Various Contracts For The 2014 Budget Year

Resolution To Authorize The 2013 – 2014 Schedule A Addendum To The Blue Cross Blue Shield Administrative Services Agreement For Services To Ingham County Jail Inmates

Resolution To Extend The Cooperative Operational Agreement With The Ingham Community Health Center Board Of Directors

Resolution To Authorize An Agreement With Michigan Consumers For Health Care To Serve As A Local Community Navigator For Ingham County And Surrounding Communities

Resolution To Authorize To Amend The Service Contracts For Outreach Services Authorized In The 2013-2014 Comprehensive Agreement

Resolution To Authorize A Contract With David Hunt And Associates

Resolution To Acknowledge Review Of The Financial Implications And Approve Implementation Of The Proposed Plan Of Concurrent Jurisdiction For The 30th Circuit Court, Ingham County Probate Court, 54a District Court, 54b District Court And 55th District Court

Resolution To Enter Into Subcontracts For The SCAO Swift And Sure Sanctions Probation Program Grant – 2013

Resolution To Enter Into Subcontracts For The SCAO Swift And Sure Sanctions Probation Program Grant – 2014

Resolution To Authorize Entering Into A Contract With Graphic Sciences And To Hire Temporary Employees To Complete Imaging Friend Of The Court Case Files

Resolution Authorizing Entering Into A Contract With Peckham Inc. For The Peckham Crossroads Program

Resolution Authorizing Entering Into A Contract With Peckham Inc. For Peckham Footprints Group Home

Resolution Making An Appointment To The Animal Control Shelter Advisory Committee

Resolution Honoring Dorothy Kennedy

Resolution Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Resolution Honoring Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

 Resolution Honoring Charles Goeke For Service As A Fair Board Officer/Member, And 4-H Liaison To The Fair Board

Resolution To Transfer All Unsold Tax Reverted Properties Rejected By Local Units To The Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority

Resolution To Waive The 80/20 Requirement For Health Care Cost For 2014 And Authorize The Director Of Human Resources To Sign The Letters Of Understanding For Health Insurance

Resolution To Approve The Dart Container Corporation Hogsback Road Special Use Concept And Preparation Of An Easement Agreement

Resolution To Approve The Bond Street No Stopping, Standing, Or Parking Zone Traffic Control Order

Resolution To Approve Agreement For Work In County Road Rights Of Way By Green No. 4 Consolidated Drain Drainage District

Resolution To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Ingham County Road Department

Resolution Approving The Ranking Of The 2013 Farmland And Open Space Preservation Programs Application Cycle Ranking And Recommendation To Purchase Permanent Conservation Easement Deeds On The Top Ranked Properties

Resolution Authorizing The Modification Of The MERS Hybrid Plan Adoption Agreements

Resolution To Establish Timetables For Transfer Of Funds From The City Of Lansing For 911 Employees

Resolution Authorizing Adjustments To The 2013 Ingham County Budget

Resolution Honoring Katy Palmer

Resolution To Authorize A Revised Cooperative Operational Agreement With The Community Health Center Board Of Directors


Resolution To Extend A Lease Agreement For The Healthy Smiles Dental Center At 2815 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 203, Lansing Mi

Resolution Approving The Market Salary Adjustment For Providers At The Ingham Community Health Centers

Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To The Agreement For Michigan State University Extension Services Between Michigan State University And Ingham County Approving The Annual Work Plan For 2014


Resolution To Authorize Dental Services Agreements At The Ingham County Jail For 2014

Resolution To Authorize A Reorganization To Adjust Health Department Capacity In Response to Federal Requirements

Resolution To Amend The Agreements With The Michigan Primary Care Association For Medicaid And Chip Outreach And Enrollment Services

Resolution To Authorize An Addendum To The Patient Management And Electronic Health Records Software Agreement With Nextgen ® Health Information Systems, Inc. For Ingham County Oral Health Services

Resolution To Enter Into A Clean Sweep Program Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Agriculture And Rural Development

Resolution To Authorize The Purchase Of New Handguns For The Sheriff’s Office 

Resolution To Authorize The Transfer Of The Clerical Services Supervisor-Circuit Court And The Chief Deputy Clerk Positions From The Circuit Court To The County Clerk’s Office

Resolution Approving A Collective Bargaining Agreement With The Michigan Nurses Association – Nurse Practitioners/Clinic Nurses

Resolution Authorizing The Establishment Of A MERS Hybrid Plan For Newly Hired Employees In Michigan Nurses Association – Nurse Practitioner/Clinic Nurses Unit

Resolution Approving The Starting Salary For A Physician Assistant At MCF 12 Step 4

Resolution Authorizing The Purchase Of 2316 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, Michigan For The Purpose Of Housing A Community Health Center Facility

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