Entries for 2017

Resolution To Award A Contract For Restoration And Preservation Of Lunette Mural Panels
Resolution To Award A Contract To Perform A Standard Preventative Maintenance Rebuild On The Muffin Monster
Resolution To Renew A Support Services Agreement
Resolution To Authorize A Contract For Mailing Services
Resolution To Retain As-Needed Material Testing And Fabrication Inspection Services
Resolution To Approve A Road Reconstruction Project Agreement
Resolution To Amend Suspension Of Operations Policy 2017
Resolution Requesting Two Voting Seats On The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) Board Of Directors
Resolution To Adjust Staffing Levels
Resolution To Accept Mid-State Health Network Funds
Resolution To Authorize Participation In The Mother And Infant Oral Health Pilot Project
Resolution To Authorize A Cooperative Cash Match Agreement With Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement For Michigan State University Extension Services Between Michigan State University And Ingham County Approving The Annual Work Plan For 2018
Resolution To Enter Into A Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program Clean Sweep Program Agreement With The Michigan Department Of Agriculture And Rural Development
Resolution To Amend Resolution #17-207 To Adjust The Ingham County Health Department Environmental Health Division Fees
Resolution Honoring Officer Caitlin Budzinski As The Recipient Of The 2017 Michigan Animal Control Officer Of The Year Award
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With The State Of Michigan, Making Ingham County The Fiduciary Agent For Michigan Homeland Security Region 1 And Accepting The FY 2017 Homeland Security Grant Program Funds
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement In 2018 With Tel Systems To Upgrade Technology And Provide Maintenance Support For The Circuit Court
Resolution To Authorize An Amendment Of The Current Contract With Sentinel Offender Services And Enter Into A New Contract To Provide An Offender Pay And County Funded Electronic Monitoring Program Subject To A Final Contract Agreement
Resolution To Authorize A Contract With The City Of Lansing For An Allocation Of Funds To Ingham County/City Of Lansing Community Corrections For The City 2017-2018 Fiscal Year
Resolution Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Resolution Honoring Mayor Virg Bernero, City Of Lansing
Resolution Recognizing The 35th Annual Hispanic Christmas Symposium
Resolution Honoring Dennis Jenks
Resolution Honoring Alan Fox
Resolution To Approve The Special And Routine Permits For The Road Department
Resolution Pledging Full Faith And Credit To Williamston-Locke Drain Drainage District Bonds Or Notes
Resolution To Approve An Economic Development Service Contract
Resolution To Approve Proceeding To Close Permanent Conservation Easement Deeds
Resolution To Approve 2017 Application Ranking And Purchase Of Conservation Easements
Resolution To Authorize Agreements To Provide Alarm Monitoring Services
Resolution To Authorize Purchase Of Copper Tubing For Jail Repairs
Resolution To Approve The Hardware Maintenance Agreement From Avalon Technologies
Resolution To Approve Renewal Of The Imagesoft And Onbase Annual Support
Resolution To Approve Renewal Of The Ocularis Software Licensing Agreement
Resolution To Approve Purchase Of Training From Sans
Resolution To Authorize An Agreement For Prevailing Wage Monitoring
Resolution To Retain As-Needed Construction Inspection And Supervision Services
Resolution To Authorize Approval Of Land Division And Acceptance Of A Public Road
Resolution To Authorize An Amendment To Agreements With The City Of Lansing For Trails And Parks Millage Funding
Resolution To Approve Modifications To The 2018 Managerial And Confidential Employee Personnel Manual
Resolution To Approve A Collective Bargaining Agreement With The Command Officers Association Of Michigan – 911 Supervisors
Resolution To Approve A Collective Bargaining Agreement With The UAW Local 2256 –Zoo Unit
Resolution To Approve A Letter Of Understanding With CCLP– 911 Non-Supervisory Unit Regarding Use Of Personal Leave
Resolution Approving Annual 2018 Compensation For Non-Judicial County-Wide Elected Officials
Resolution To Approve A Contract For Services With The Greater Lansing Convention And Visitors Bureau
Resolution To Honor Major Sam L. Davis Of The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office
Resolution Receiving Advice From The County Treasurer As To A Surplus Which Can Be Transferred From The Ingham County Delinquent Tax Revolving Fund To The Ingham County General Fund
Resolution Approving Various Contracts For The 2018 Budget Year
Resolution Authorizing Adjustments To The 2017 Ingham County Budget
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