Brownfield Development for Action Auto Property in Village of Dansville
Honoring Michele "Shelly" Bauer
Honoring Norbert VanOchten, Jr.
Honoring Carol Whitworth
Hate Speech, Harassment and Ethnic Intimidation at Schools
Recognize "Black History/Cultural Diversity Month"
Authorize Issuance of Tobias/Lynn Sewer System Bonds
Authorize Issuance of Tobias/Lynn Sewer System Bonds
Full Faith and Credit Resolution
Able Concrete: Sidewalks for Handicap Access to Park Facilities
Revising Certain Policies Pertaining to Appointed Advisory Boards/Commissions
Adjust Seasonal Employee Wage Schedule
Ingham County Employees' Association: Clinic Health Nurses/Nurse Practitioners
Ingham County Employees' Association: County Professionals
Adopt Policy on Financial Reserves
Authorize Continuation of Extension Network Facilitator and Community Agent Position
Authorize Six "Equip" Special Project Grants with Michigan 4C Association
Department of Consumer and Industry Services: 2001-2002 Licensing Support Services
Family Independence Agency: Refugee Services
Ingham Health Plan Corporation: Amend Administrative Services and Medical Services Agreements
Ionia County Health Department: Medical Direction and Program Consultation
Junior League of Lansing: Funds to Support Adolescent Health Programs
City of Lansing: Abstinence Program Subcontract
Authorize Changes in Staffing and Budget
Services Program and Transfer FTE's into Child Care Fund
Authorize Proposed Amendments to 2002 Budget
Midstate Security: Purchase/Install Video Cameras/Monitoring Devices at Jail
Honoring Barbara Godby
Authorize Exterior Masonry Restoration and Financing at Correctional Facility
Recognize "Black History/Cultural Diversity Month"
Fred Featherly to Environmental Affairs Committee
Jessica Fred, Erica Robinson to Equal Opportunity Committee
Accept MSHDA Community Development Block Grant
Adopt Adjustment to Seasonal Employee’s Wage Schedule
Meridian Charter Township: Maintain Watershed Management Plan for Lake Lansing
 Economics Consulting Services, LLC: Extend Economic Development Services
Eliminate Per Diems for Board Members
City of Lansing: Amend Retention Program
Execute Interlocal Agreement with Michigan EDC
Grant Funded Project Specialist/Community Development Position
Lonnie Johnson, Patricia Farrell, Lisa Dedden, Christopher Rollins to
Community Health Center Board
Combine Clinic Assistant/Tech Positions
Ionia County: Medical Direction and Support
Ingham County Employees' Association: Court Professionals, Local #30
Ingham Health Plan: Amend Medical Services and Administrative Services Agreements
Recognize Deferred Revenue and Authorize Renovation to CSHCS Space
Authorize Six "Equip" Grants with Michigan 4C Association
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