Denice VanLooy to Community Corrections Advisory Board
Honoring Laura Bumpus
Honoring Bill Prahler
Honoring Justine McCoy
Supporting Southside Community Showcase
Authorize Adoption of By-laws
Submission for Downtown Marketing Study on Behalf of City of East Lansing
Purcell's Heating & Air: Replace Existing Chimney at HRB
Lansing Building Services: Renew Cleaning Services at HSB
Moore's Security Service: Renew Security Services at Various Facilities
Dietz Janitorial: Terminate Cleaning Services at VMC/GPB
Amend Resolution #02-283 (Vendors to Conform with EOE Policy)
Establishment Assistant Park Manager Position, Delete Park Ranger I Position
Create Entry Level Juvenile Court Officer Position in Family Division
Certify Representatives to MERS Annual Meeting
Authorize Adjustments to Budget
Approve Fiscal Year 2004 Annual Implementation Plan
Sugandha Lowhim as Deputy Medical Director
Authorize Agreement with MSU and Delegate Environmental Health Responsibilities
Authorize Staffing Adjustments in Immunization Clinic
Martin F. Jones, M.D. as Deputy Medical Examiner
2003-2004 Federal Abstinence Grant
Ingham Intermediate School District: Subcontract for All Children Connected to Succeed
Authorize Relocation of Hayford Street Clinic
Commend, Honor and Support Lansing Area Kiwanis Clubs
US HUD: 2003 Capital Fund Program
Vista SC: Document Management/Imaging Software and Professional Services
Revise Appointment Section of Intercounty Agreement
Albert LeBlanc to Women's Commission
American Legacy Foundation: Amend 2001 Agreement
MDCH: Delivery of Public Health Services Under CPBC for 2003-2004
Cristo Rey Community Center: Amend Medical Services Agreement
MDCIS & MDEQ: Carry Out Mobile Park Inspections
MDCH: Third Amendment to 2002-2003 CPBC Agreement
Amend Food Service Program Fee Schedule
Michigan Public Health Institute: Improve BCCCP Services
PreSort Services: ICHD Health Plan Management Unit
Authorize Staffing Changes
MDSP/Emergency Management Division: Terrorism Consequence Management
Preparedness Assistance
Authorize Use of Inmate Commissary Funds to Purchase/Install Washing Machines
Authorize Use of Miscellanous Tools Originally Earmarked for Destruction
Amend Contract with MDOC for 2002-2003 Contract
Authorize Contingency Fund Appropriation for Sheriff's Office
Honoring Michael Dustin Corbett
Honoring Janet Strahan
Revise Application to Serve on Advisory Boards and Commissions
Designate October, 2003 as "Celiac Sprue Awareness Month
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