Entries for 2012

To Transfer Funds from Hotel Motel Tax Fund to Fair Capital Improvement Account

To Approve the Renewal of the Hardware Maintenance Agreement from Service Express Incorporated
To Approve the Purchase Annual Maintenance of the EMC Celerra NS20 Storage Area Network (SAN)   From Logicalis
Authorizing Entering into an Agreement with Nelson Trane for the Purpose of Upgrading Our Existing Tracer Summit System Building Control Units to the Latest Version at the Veterans Memorial Courthouse 
Awarding a Contract to Shaw-Winkler for the Replacement of the Last Sectional Boiler at the Ingham County Jail
To Authorize Aendment #2 to the 2011-2012 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting  Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health
To Request that the Michigan Department of Community Health Designate the Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties as the Coordinating Agency for Ingham County effective October 1, 2012  
To Authorize Acceptance of a Michigan Minority Health Month Grant 
To Authorize a Realignment of Health Department Programs and Administrative Structure
Authorizing a Contract with Teachout Security Services, Inc. for Uniformed Unarmed Guard Service at Various County Facilities 
To Authorize Entering into a Contract with Graphic Sciences and to Hire Temporary Employees to Continue Imaging Friend of the Court Case Files  
To Approve an Extended Police Service Agreement with the Village of Webberville Covering the Period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013    
To Authorize a Contract for Medication Passing Services at the Ingham County Jail


Authorizing MIS Server and Multibridge Upgrade Project for the 911 Center

Authorizing the Establishment of a Name for the new “Ingham County 911 Center”

To Authorize the Formation of a New Ingham County 911 Advisory Committee

In Honor of the 2012 State Arbor Day Celebration 

Making an Appointment to the Women’s Commission

Authorizing the Creation of a Full Time Human Resources Specialist Position within the Human  Resources Department

Authorizing Entering into an Agreement with ICOMM for the Purpose of Replacing the Control Panel at the Ingham County Youth Center
Authorizing a Temporary Position at the Ingham County Fairgrounds                                     
Dissolving the Board of Road Commissioners and Transferring all of its Powers, Duties and FunctionsTo the Ingham County Board of Commissioners; Creating a Department of Transportation and Roads, and Adopting a 2012 Budget for the Department
To adopt the 2012 County Equalization Report as submitted with the Accompanying Statements 
Designating County Representatives at Tax Commission Hearings                                      
Establishing Priorities to Guide the Development of the 2013 Budget and Activities of County Staff
Granting Meridian Township an Easement for a Relocated Water Main necessary for the Dementia   Unit addition under Construction at the Medical Care Facility
To Authorize an Amendment to the Agreement with Capital Area Community Services to Serve Early Head Start Children through the Family Outreach Services Program
To Authorize an Agreement for a Part Time Internal Medicine Physician                                                 
To authorize a memorandum of understanding between St. Vincent Catholic Charities, Microenterprise Childcare Program of Michigan and the Ingham County Health Department to Serve Refugee Families

Making an Appointment to the Veterans Affairs Committee

To Honor Lieutenant Roger Lewis of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

Authorizing the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to Contract with Delhi Township for Parks Police           Services with Seasonal Part-Time Deputies    

Authorizing the Purchase of Livestock Pens for the Ingham County Fairgrounds


Discouraging Inappropriate Language toward Women in the Political Environment

Recognizing the Need for Additional Resources Allocated to Ingham County Families Living in Extreme Poverty 

Authorizing a Three Year Agreement with a Two Year Option to Renew with Waste Management, Inc.For Waste Removal and Recycling Services

The Ingham County Board of Commissioners concerning transfer of MERS Assets and Liabilities For all Current and Past Employees of the Ingham County Road Commission

Instructing the Controller to Provide Notice to the City of Lansing of the County’s Intent to Review       the Pros and Cons of Renewing the Parks Maintenance Agreement
Authorizing Adjustments to the 2012 Ingham County Budget                                                             
Authorizing the Transfer of Funds to the Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission and a 2012 Contract for Accounting with Respect Thereto  
Authorize an agreement with Peckham, Inc. for Call Center Services
To Authorize an Amendment to Resolution #12-106
To Approve Contracts for Attorney Services for Probate Court Mental Illness Matters Heard at  St. Lawrence Hospital 
To approve Contracts for Attorney Services for Probate Court in General Matters 

Honoring Deb Bieman 

To submit to the Electorate a Juvenile Millage Renewal Question 

Authorizing an Interoperability Communication Project for the Ingham County Public Safety Wireless Voice Communication System  

Submitting to a Vote of the Electorate a Special Millage for Continuing Comprehensive Emergency     Telephone Services (911 Services)
Honoring Pastor Stan Parker and First Lady Charlotte Parker
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