Entries for 2011

Authorizing an Agreement with the Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton, & Ingham Counties for Services in the Ingham County Jail 
Authorizing the Acceptance of $225.00 from Consumers Energy for the Purchase of  Emergency Preparedness and Response Supplies for the Community Emergency Response Team (Cert)
Honoring Joe Guenther, Road Commission
Honoring Tom Mitchell, Road Commission
Honoring Francis Acevedo Marinez
Recognizing April 2011 as Autism Awareness Month in Ingham County
Recognizing April 12, 2011 as “Equal Pay” Day in Ingham County
Authorizing a Resolution in Opposition to House Bill 4287 and Senate Bill 165, that would Prohibit Local Units of Government from Entering into Project Labor Agreements
Authorizing Rehmann Robson to Conduct an Audit of the Ingham County Drain Commission
Authorizing a Fund Transfer to the Potter Park Zoological Society
Authorizing a Renewal of the Contract with Teachout Security Services at Various Ingham County Buildings
Authorizing a Contract with Tyler Technologies for Munis Training
Approving the Purchase of a Labor Block Support Agreement from Netarx, Inc. for On-Going Technical Support of the Ingham County Network Infrastructure
Approving Selection Criteria (Scoring System) for Ranking Landowner Applications to the Ingham County Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program and Authorizing the Ingham County Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board to Proceed with the 2011 Purchase of Development Rights Application Cycle
Authorizing Amendment #1 to the 2010-2011 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health
Creating a WIC Satellite at the Grand River Head Start Site of Capital Area Community Services 
Authorizing the Temporary Reassignment of Some Public Health Service Job Duties and Responsibilities and the Execution of the Related Letter of Understanding
Authorizing the Operation of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program as a Part of the 4-H Youth Garden and Farm Stand Programs at the Ingham County Family Center
Authorizing a Contract with Imagesoft Corporation for the Discovery Phase of the Scanning Project for the Circuit Court
Authorizing Contracts with Imagesoft Corporation and with Graphic Sciences Corporation for Implementation of  the Probate Court Scanning Project
Authorizing Participation with the Meridian Township Police Department Youth Alcohol Enforcement Grant                    
Authorizing Participation with the Meridian Township Police Department Highway Safety Grant
Authorize a Grant Subcontract between the City of Lansing and Ingham County Prosecuting Attorneys Office for the Training and Prosecution of Elder Abuse
Authorizing a Lease with Peckham, Inc. Pathways Employment Program for Office Space at the Ingham County Grady Porter Building 
Authorizing a Contract with Van Belkum for a New NICE 911 Recorder System for the Ingham County 911 Centers
Authorizing Entering into a Contract with the City of Lansing for the Public Safety Interoperable Communication (PSIC) Grant Program to Enhance the Ingham County Public Safety Radio Communications System
Supporting Awareness for and Designating April 2011 as Child Abuse Prevention Month
Honoring the 2011 State Arbor Day Celebration
Honoring Patricia Betz
Awarding Gladys Beckwith with the 2011 Ingham County Women’s Commission Lucile E. Belen Award
Establishing Policy and Priorities for the Use of Farmland and Open Space Preservation Funds and to Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Ingham County Farmland Purchase of Development Rights Ordinance
Adopting the 2011 County Equalization Report as Submitted with the Accompanying Statements
Designating County Representatives at State Tax Commission Hearings
Authorizing Adjustments to the 2011 Ingham County Budget
Establishing Priorities to Guide the Development of the 2012 Budget and Activities of County Staff
Authorizing the Addition of a Therapeutic Activities Area, Walkway, and Courtyard to the Ingham County Medical Care Facility’s Dementia Unit
Amending the Administrative Support Services Agreement with Barry-Eaton Health Plan Corporation
Amending Resolution #11-115, Amendment #1 to the 2010-2011 Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Contracting Agreement
Authorizing an Agreement with Midland County Educational Service Agency to Provide Quality Improvement Services for Childcare Providers
Authorizing the Transition of a Medical Technologist Position from Temporary Special Part Time to Permanent Part Time (.5 FTE)
Approving Final Design Plans and Authorizing the Ingham County Building Authority to Proceed With Bid Documents for the Ingham County Consolidated 911 Dispatch Center Project
Granting the Parks & Recreation Commission the Ability to Approve Future Visitor Incentive Programs At the Potter Park Zoo
Authorizing a Reciprocal Arrangement between the Parks and Fair 
Authorizing acceptance of a Charitable Donation from the Potter Park Zoological Society for the Potter Park Zoo
Authorizing a Contract with Schindler Elevator Company to Provide Elevator Repair and Maintenance
For the Purchase and Installation of Equalizer .Net Software Upgrade of the Equalization/Assessing  Software System for the Equalization/Tax Mapping Department, and the .Net Software Upgrade of the Equalizer County Tax Software System, the Equalizer Delinquent County Tax Software System, the Pre Audit Software System, and the Animal License Software System for the County Treasurer’s Office
Approving Entering into a Grant with the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth And Appoint Douglas A. Stover as County Grant Administrator for the 2011 Remonumentation Project
Contract with Ronnie M. Lester as County Representative and Enger Surveying & Engineering, Inc For Services as Monumentation Surveyor for the Ingham County Monumentation and    
Remonumentation Project in 2011
Amend the 2010-2011 CPBC Agreement with the Michigan Department of Community Health to Provide Interim Chief Medical Executive Coverage
Authorize the Ingham County Health Department to Enter into an Agreement with Capital Link 
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